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The Division of Emergency Ultrasound is one of the most dynamic and vibrant parts of Temple Emergency Medicine. The Ultra squad is consistently engaged in research to further advance meaningful applications for POCUS in the ED. The robust research pipeline has projects in all phases of completion with no signs of slowing down. In addition, the division is always busy educating faculty, residents from multiple specialties, medical students, and physician assistants. They hold weekly QA sessions, monthly journal club, post periodic case challenges, and are active on social media. 

Do you dream of becoming a part of an elite Emergency Ultrasound Division?

Does the thought of your ultrasound potential keep you up at night? 

Then you should consider applying to the Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship at Temple! 

Check out our dedicated website for more info! 

Thomas Costantino_profile.jpg

Thomas Costantino, MD

Professor, Emergency Medicine

Chief, Emergency Ultrasound Division

ED Administration

The Department of Emergency Medicine at Temple University Health System is excited to offer a two-year fellowship in Emergency Department Administration.  The SAEM accredited fellowship is designed for those with an existing interest in operations, administration, and leadership, and aims to prepare the fellow for a successful career as a leader in Emergency Medicine.

The fellowship includes obtaining an MBA through the Fox School of Business at Temple University.  This parallel educational experience will provide the fellow with key financial and economic skills required of both departmental and hospital leaders.  In addition to developing an understanding of business concepts and a business vernacular, the fellow will acquire advanced teamwork and collaboration skills.


"The fellowship was an invaluable experience and the training will be useful for the rest of my career. The curriculum broadens your skill set beyond emergency department operations, as you learn how your department functions in the bigger scheme of the hospital system.  I was able to apply the MBA to my work experience, while learning key business concepts.  The monthly sessions are engaging, diverse, and complement the first-hand experience you have as part of an awesome operations team. I would recommend the fellowship to anyone!"   - Andrea Blome, MD, MBA


Kraftin Schreyer, MD, MBA

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

Fellowship Director, ED Administration

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