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Gizely Andrade, MD


Preferred Name: Gizely Andrade
Hometown: Astoria, Queens NY
Undergrad: Macaulay Honors College at The City College of NY
Major: Psychology, French (minor)
Grad School: PhD Cognitive Neuroscience @ CUNY Graduate Center & Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Med School: NYU
Hobbies/Interests: thai boxing, bouldering, yoga, traveling, dogs 
Favorite movies/TV shows: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Seinfeld, The Simpsons, American Ninja Warrior, Full House (don't judge), depressing documentaries, Disney movies, almost anything HBO
Favorite Foods/Restaurants: sushi, thai food, pão de queijo, my mom's brazilian carrot cake, all of the teas
Five year plan: get good at taking care of sick patients, master the ultrasound, do more pull-ups. Oh and finally be done with school and make some money. 
If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? Peds or be a firefighter!
What superhero or cartoon character would you be? Mix of Daria + Tommy Pickles + Raphael (ninja turtles) + Princess Jasmine... yeah that about sums it up.
Random fact: I competed nationally in thai boxing (muay thai), was once on the US national team, and am also a black belt in taekwondo.

Brenda Arthur, MD

IMG_8431 2.jpeg

Preferred Name: Brenda
Hometown: Teaneck, NJ
Undergrad: Ramapo College of New Jersey
Major: Biology
Med School: Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
Hobbies/Interests: Really anything outside, beaching, traveling, reading, live music, yoga
Favorite movies/TV shows: Novelas
Favorite Foods/Restaurants: My mom's cooking <3
Five year plan: I have no idea. Definitely learn Spanish. Travel more. Maybe med ed? 
If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? English teacher or au pair 
What superhero or cartoon character would you be? Ariel from the Little Mermaid 
Random fact: I can speak Czech 

Samantha Block, MD


Preferred Name: Sam
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Undergrad: University of South Carolina
Major: Bio
Med School: Drexel 
Hobbies/Interests: pottery, watercolor painting, live music/concerts, baking, hiking/biking, antiquing
Favorite movies/TV shows: any 80s slasher/horror, Almost Famous, Real Housewives
Favorite Foods/Restaurants: does coffee count as food? Also Jeni's mint chip ice cream
Five year plan: lots of traveling, rescue a dog, enjoy residency and whatever happens after that
If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? art teacher, marine biologist
What superhero or cartoon character would you be? Reggie Rocket!
Random fact: I play the drums and was in a rock band in middle school

Padideh Ghorbani, MD


Preferred Name: Padideh (sounds like fajita)

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Undergrad: University of Maryland 

Major: Neurophysiology and Cognitive Neuroscience 

Grad School: Georgetown University 

Med School: Eastern Virginia Medical School 

Hobbies/Interests: traveling, cooking, yoga, reading, horseback riding, meditation, hiking

Favorite movies/TV shows: Midnight Gospel, ATLA, Chef's Table, Cosmos, Big Mouth, any Miyazaki or Wes Anderson film, Great British bake off

Favorite Foods/Restaurants: I am a raccoon at heart and will eat pretty much everything - carbs and cheese for optimal happiness

Five year plan: conquer residency, maybe disaster or global medicine?, get a long haired dachshund, sketchy travel adventures

If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? Chef! Restaurant concept pending. But I am the world's worst baker sadly - applications open

What superhero or cartoon character would you be? Uncle Iroh - who doesn't enjoy a nice cup of tea with a stranger 

Random fact: I often will communicate with somewhat sensical meep moop noises that evolved from an excellent blues clues impression

Shruti Gujaran, MD


Preferred Name: Shruti :)
Hometown: Bethesda, MD
Undergrad: UMBC (Go Dawgs!) 
Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Med School:​ University of Maryland
Hobbies/Interests: Watching standup, biking, live music, theatre, cooking Indian/Mediterranean/Thai food
Favorite movies/TV shows: Arrested Development, Bob's Burgers, Bollywood Movies, Kubo & the Two Strings, Toy Story 
Favorite Foods/Restaurants: Looking forward to exploring the Philly foodie scene, but I'm a fan of it all!
Five year plan: Bring balance to my life, become the best EM doc I can be, stay involved in health policy & advocacy, surround myself with people and experiences that make me laugh the loudest and bring joy 
If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? In medicine, Family & Preventive Medicine. Outside of medicine, I would be working in restaurants all around the world in the hopes that one day I'd become a Michelin star chef! And learning as many languages as possible along the way. 
What superhero or cartoon character would you be? Spongebob 
Random fact: Magpies are Australian birds that are extremely territorial during nesting season. And yes, I was attacked by a few. To say the least, I did not stay calm. 

Christopher Karousatos, MD

chris website pic.JPG

Preferred Name: Chris
Hometown: Robbinsville, NJ
Undergrad: Boston College
Major: Chemistry
Med School: Keck School of Medicine of USC
Hobbies/Interests: Watching football, playing guitar, hiking, baking, trying new restaurants
Favorite movies/TV shows: Anchorman, Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, Last Week Tonight
Favorite Foods/Restaurants: Pretty much everything but especially dessert and breakfast food
Five year plan: Learn a lot of medicine, become a better patient advocate, maybe fellowship
If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? Either owning a combined coffee roastery/craft brewery or something with one of those cool startup tech companies
What superhero or cartoon character would you be? Thor
Random fact: I have the gene that makes cilantro taste like soap

Neena Kashyap, MD


Preferred Name: Neena
Hometown: Cupertino, CA
Undergrad: UC Davis
Major: Animal Science
Med School: Temple
Hobbies/Interests: Ultimate frisbee, watching sports, anything outdoors, gardening, cooking, baking, eating, and playing with my dog
Favorite movies/TV shows: I'm bad at watching movies, but love Parks and Rec, The Good Place, Brooklyn 99 and bad reality TV (but not the Bachelor). 
Favorite Foods/Restaurants: I love all food - favorite Philly spots include Suraya, Kalaya, Dizengoff, Angelo's and many more!
Five year plan: Create a foundation for becoming a lifelong compassionate and competent physician, expand my cooking skills, be a good friend/family member, maybe adopt another animal
If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? Teacher, park ranger, city counselor, firefighter
What superhero or cartoon character would you be? The road runner....meep meep.
Random fact: I know how to weld metal

Vivian Li, MD


Hometown: Wayne, PA
Undergrad: Harvard University
Major: Social Anthropology
Med School: Brown University
Hobbies/Interests: ultimate frisbee, salsa rueda / bachata, learning new languages
Favorite movies/TV shows: Howl's Moving Castle, Your Name (Kimi no Na wa), Key & Peele, Sherlock
Favorite Foods/Restaurants: Japanese Curry from Cafe Mami, Spicy Cold Udon from Yume Ga Arukara, Korean bbq chicken, dim sum, sushi, L.A. style kalbi
Five year plan: Find my niche in global emergency medicine, learn to cook more delicious vegetarian dishes, and dance more salsa!
If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? Event / adventure trip planner OR community organizer
What superhero or cartoon character would you be? energizer bunny
Random fact: My dream is to start an alpaca farm / cafe and have already drawn up a tentative business plan.

Lianna Llewellyn, MD


Preferred Name: Lianna
Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida
Undergrad: Harvard
Major: Biology
Med School: University of Pennsylvania
Hobbies/Interests: baking, cooking, eating, violin, guitar, going to the beach or pool, swimming
Favorite movies/TV shows: Bob’s Burgers, Schitt’s Creek, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Recreation, all the Marvel movies
Favorite Foods/Restaurants: all of the foods but especially Jamaican food
Five year plan: I’m still working on it but it definitely includes finishing residency and getting a dog
If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? Own a bakery
What superhero or cartoon character would you be?  A mix of Louise Belcher and Miles Morales
Random fact: I don’t have one favorite color. It changes from day to day.

Aaron Miller, MD


Preferred Name: Aaron
Hometown: Philadelphia
Undergrad: Temple University (Go Owls!)
Major: Communications (Advertising)
Med School: Thomas Jefferson University (Go Rams!)
Hobbies/Interests: Improvisation, illustration, photography, bicycling, writing, and exploring grocery stores.
Favorite movies/TV shows: Anything Pixar, Contratiempo, Isle of Dogs, The Umbrella Academy, Love, Arrested Development
Favorite Foods/Restaurants: Goldie, Loco Pez, Su Xing House, Dos Segundos, Hinge Cafe, Insomnia Cookies, New Harmony Vegetarian, Halal carts, fried pickles
Five year plan: Continue working with a team of enthusiastic and like-minded people in Emergency Medicine while writing a comedic medical television series.
If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? Working at Trader Joe’s, the best grocery store of all time!
What superhero or cartoon character would you be?  Arnold Perlstein (from The Magic School Bus) or Gudetama
Random fact: I have never lost a game of two truths and a lie…or have I?

Elizabeth Schell, MD


Preferred Name: Liz Schell
Hometown: Luzerne, PA
Undergrad: Temple
Major: Neuroscience
Med School: Drexel
Hobbies/Interests: Gardening, weightlifting, taking care of my cats and tortoise
Favorite movies/TV shows: Arrested Development, It's Always Sunny, The Good Place, Schitt's Creek
Favorite Foods/Restaurants: any kind of seafood, Nemi, Suraya, Cedar Point, Laser Wolf, and Pizza Heaven! (my brother's pizza shop in our hometown)
Five year plan: I don't even have a five day plan at this point :)
If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? I would be a plumber, or making pizzas with my brother
What superhero or cartoon character would you be? Elsa
Random fact: My 8 year old Greek tortoise is likely going to outlive me

Rheanna Vimawala, MD


Preferred Name: Rheanna Vimawala
Hometown: Aurora, IL
Undergrad: Drexel University
Major: Custom-Designed - “Communication in Global Medicine"
Med School: Drexel Univ College of Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Reading memoirs (recent favs being Alex Trebek’s & Colin Jost’s), tennis, climbing at my rock gym, designing my future house in my head (& on pinterest), trying to learn new knit patterns, singing, beach bumming, website design, animals
Favorite movies/TV shows: Mars on Nat Geo, Big Little Lies, Avatar the Last Airbender, People vs OJ, Jeopardy!, Scrubs, Ted Lasso, GoT
Favorite Foods/Restaurants: Green Eggs, Graffiti Bar, Double Knot, Suraya, Maman & Tamarind in NYC, Hartwood in Tulum. Oreos & choco covered strawberries!!
Five year plan: Learn lots in residency, travel a bunch, live somewhere warm & near the water
If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? If not something else in medicine maybe design / fashion
What superhero or cartoon character would you be? I aspire to be Mushu from Mulan 
Random fact: house cats share ~96% of their DNA with their big cat ancestors

Dillon Warr, MD


Preferred Name: Dillon Warr
Hometown: Cheltenham, PA
Undergrad: Susquehanna University
Major: Biology
Med School: Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University #TempleMade
Hobbies/ interests: Running/Biking/Swimming (aspiring triathlete), traveling, sous-chef-ing my partner’s meals, sci-fi/fantasy novels, political podcasts, masochistically reading the news
Favorite movies/TV shows: Movies—Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and every Oscar-bait movie. TV-Shows: Sci-Fi Fantasy (The Expanse, GOT) or Historical Dramas (The Last Kingdom, Outlander, Vikings etc.)
Favorite Music: Country Music (Chris Stapleton, Zac Brown) and Bachata (Romeo Santos, Prince Royce)
Favorite Foods/ Restaurants: Food—hummus and salsa. I’m a dip and chips person. Restaurants—Apricot Stone, Falafel Time, Sahara Grill, Barcelona, Suraya, Casa Mexico, South Philly Barbacoa
Five-year plan: Learn a bunch of emergency medicine and teach it back to medical students, speak on a podcast episode, join a triathlon club
If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? Coaching college or high school swimming
What superhero or cartoon character would you be? Jimmy Neutron (this is a big-head joke)
Random fact: Worked reception at a hostel in Sevilla before medical school

Nathaniel Zahustecher, MD

Zahustecher Temple EM profile .jpg

Preferred Name: Nate
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Undergrad: Jefferson / Penn State Postbacc
Major: Leadership in Emergency Services
Med School: Jefferson
Hobbies/ interests: Philly sports, running, fishing, traveling, hanging with my dog
Favorite movies/TV shows: Breaking Bad, Dexter, Ozark, Inception, Parasite • Favorite Foods/Restaurants: I love all types of food, but Pizza most of all.
Favorite pizza spots: Pizza Beddia and Pizza Jawn
Five-year plan: Work on the often talked about, but rarely achieved “work- life balance.” Possibly a critical care fellowship?
If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? Running my own dog- friendly brewery on a beach.
What superhero or cartoon character would you be? Gritty, he’s definitely a superhero.
Random fact: Dalessandro’s has the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, the correct order is “American wit.”


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