• How do I submit an application?

    • Applications are accepted through ERAS, administered by the AAMC.

  • Do you need Step 2 CK and CS scores before applying?

    • Nice to have, but not necessary. We understand that not all applicants will be able to schedule and take Step 2 CK and CS in time for the scores to be available at the time of application.

  • Do you accept COMLEX scores for DO candidates?

    • We encourage you to submit USMLE scores in addition to COMLEX scores, but we do accept applications with COMLEX scores only.

  • Is training in the US essential? What types of visas do you offer?

    • We do require some degree of US training in your background, such as prior internships or rotations.

  • How do you schedule interviews?

    • We use interview broker.

  • Does interviewing early or later in the interview session affect your chances of matching?

    • Not at all. We want you to come check us out when it’s convenient for you.

  • What’s interview day like? Is there a social event before the interview?

    • Interview day is awesome. Please refer to our interview info page for specifics.

    • There is absolutely a social event. Please check here for an updated draft list.

  • Do you need to be from the East Coast/will it impact whether you match at Temple?

    • Nope. We train folks from all over the country and can put you in touch with current or former residents from your neck of the woods.

  • How many residents do you accept each year?

    • 14


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