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Sonali Ahuja, MD

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  • Preferred name: Sonali

  • Hometown: Princeton, NJ

  • Undergrad: Rutgers University, New Brunswick

  • Major: Biomedical Engineering

  • Med School: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

  • Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, reading, dancing - especially to bhangra beats, listening to Crime Junkie podcasts on my runs

  • Favorite movies/TV shows: Gilmore Girls, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, 24, The Family Man, Autumn's Concerto (Asian drama)

  • Favorite Foods/Restaurants: Pad kee mao, chicken parmesan with lots of marinara, enchiladas and spicy salsas, and spicy chicken biryani

  • Five Year Plan: Become a great EM doc, adopt a dog with my husband, and explore all the national parks

  • If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? Full-time detective for the FBI, part-time matchmaker (this is still the plan alongside medicine)

  • What superhero or cartoon character would you be? I'd like to be Kim Possible but I'm probably Ron Stoppable

  • Random Fact: I lived in Singapore till I was 10 years old before moving to the US!

Megan Barnes, MD



  • Preferred Name: Megan

  • Hometown: Sterling, Massachusetts

  • Undergrad: Northeastern University

  • Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

  • Med School: Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

  • Hobbies/ interests: Cooking, gardening, hiking, camping, spending time with my dog, Kora

  • Favorite movies/ TV shows: The Office, Parks and Rec, Schitt's Creek, Heartstopper, any crime thriller series, Harry Potter

  • Favorite Foods/ Restaurants: Felipe's in Cambridge, MA will forever have the best burritos and margaritas. Dutch Country Market in Northeast Philly has the best fried chicken in the city. SUSHI

  • Five year plan: Become the best EM physician I can be, make positive change within our imperfect healthcare system, get a bigger yard and maybe some chickens for Kora to supervise

  • If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? Running a farm + farm to table restaurant 

  • What superhero or cartoon character would you be? Wonder Woman

  • Random fact: My first job was at Dunkin Donuts, where I did, in fact, frost the donuts.

Nicholas Bishop, MD


Preferred Name: Nick 

Hometown: Eldersburg, Maryland

Undergrad: THE Ohio State University

Major: Biomedical Science, Minor: Bioethics

Med School: University of Maryland School of Medicine

Hobbies/ interests: Sports (Soccer, Ohio State football), hiking, biking, skiing, traveling, exploring new breweries and restaurants 

Favorite movies/ TV shows: Apollo 13, Dark Knight, Breaking Bad, The Killing, The Wire, Friends, New Girl 

Favorite Foods/ Restaurants: Love mexican food.... aka any form of tacos. Super excited to explore the amazing philly food scene over the next couple years. Got the reservation on the books for Zahav :)

Five year plan: Survive residency, fellowship (?), become the best EM doctor I can be, while trying to prevent my veterinarian partner Audrey from bringing home more animals

If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? 100% would be a meteorologist! Weather is my weird geeky hobby

What superhero or cartoon character would you be? Spiderman - when I was 3 I wore a spiderman costume everyday for 6 months

Random fact: I was born in Key West, Florida which claims itself as its own country called the "Conch Republic". I received a birth certificate from both the USA and the Conch Republic when I was born, but no one recognizes the Conch Republic as a real country.  

Katey Cohen, MD

Katey Cohen Bio Pic.JPG

Preferred Name: Katey Cohen

Hometown: Huntingdon Valley, PA

Undergrad: Temple University

Major: Biology & Spanish

Grad School: Johns Hopkins University M.S.Ed

Med School: LKSOM at Temple University (Temple forever!) 

Hobbies/ interests: playing tennis and pickleball, running, Peloton, pilates/yoga, cooking, reading, dogsitting my parent's dog Bodhi

Favorite movies/ TV shows: Matilda, Miss Congeniality, Ted Lasso, Harry Potter

Favorite Foods/ Restaurants: All breakfast food (especially diners), Mexican food, anything peanut butter & chocolate

Five year plan: Learn all the EM that I can, be compassionate and advocate for my patients, find a nice work/life balance, med ed, travel as much as possible

If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? Something in nutrition/exercise

What superhero or cartoon character would you be? Dobby the elf

Random fact: I can name all the presidents of the USA in order 

Chinelo DeBrady, MD



  • Preferred Name:  Chinelo DeBrady

  • Hometown: Queens, New York

  • Undergrad: WE ARE) PENN STATE!

  • Major: Kinesiology 

  • Med School: SUNY Downstate

  • Hobbies/ interests: Acrylic Painting, Cycling around town, Skiing, Baseball, heartache via Penn State Football

  • Favorite movies/ TV shows: Curious Case of Benjamin Button, X-men movies (except Dark Phoenix, yikes), This Is Us, Black Mirror, Narcos, Atlanta, The Boys

  • Favorite Foods/ Restaurants: Thai, Sushi, Hot Pot

  • Five year plan:  Settling down permanently in Philly, taking every brand-new EM doc I can find under my wing and continuing to grow together as kindness-centered physicians. I also really want a Cane Corso.

  • If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing?  Ski instructing out west in the winter and coaching high school baseball the rest of the year (aka my retirement plans).

  • What superhero or cartoon character would you be? Magneto

  • Random fact: Pretty sure I was just about to get called up as a pitcher in the big leagues, but then my UCL…

Talia Glodjo, MD

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  • Preferred name: Talia

  • Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  • Undergrad : Duke University

  • Major: Neuroscience

  • Med School: Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

  • Hobbies/interests: Playing guitar and piano, skiing, long driving trips, camping at the beach, playing open world video games 

  • Favorite Movies/TV shows:

  • Movie - The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

  • TV show - Star Trek TNG and Voyager, the OA.

  • Favorite foods/restaurants: Any seafood, sushi. I’ve only been to Ocean Prime once but it was amazing. 

  • Five year plan: Enjoy life, see my family more often, travel, keep learning medicine and advocating for my patients, get a lot of quality sleep

  • If you weren’t doing EM what would you be doing: Park ranger or ski patrol or marine biologist or if I’m dreaming really big, I always wanted to be an astronaut

  • What superhero or cartoon character would you be: Winnie the Pooh (he’s from my hometown and he is a role model of mine)

  • Random fact: My eyes are two different colors

Terrence Habiyaremye, MD

image0 (1).jpeg
  • Preferred Name: Terrence Habiyaremye

  • Hometown: Hummelstown, PA

  • Undergrad: Lebanon Valley College

  • Major: Biology

  • Med School: Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

  • Hobbies/ interests: Running, hiking, camping, making friends laugh, intramural sports, karaoke, watching anime, learning Spanish and Italian, listening to Lana Del Rey 

  • Favorite movies/ TV shows: Pose, Misfits, Schitt’s Creek, Black Mirror, La Casa de Papel/Money Heist, Not Another Teen Movie, Orphan Black, Sense8, Arrested Development, and Love, Death & Robots

  • Favorite Foods/ Restaurants: Pho, Authentic Italian, Indian, cereal, and if there is breakfast on the menu…I’m ordering an omelette.

  • Five year plan: Find my groove and start excelling towards whatever direction Emergency Medicine takes me. 

  • If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? If still in medicine, Internal Medicine. Outside of medicine, I’d be the cool high school algebra teacher.

  • What superhero or cartoon character would you be? Curtis Donovan (Misfits)

  • Random fact: I memorized and recited 320 digits of pi in AP Calc for extra credit.

Callum Hamilton, MD

  • Preferred Name: Cal

  • Hometown: Gladwyne, PA

  • Undergrad: University of Pittsburgh (H2P)

  • Major: Natural Sciences

  • Med School: Jefferson

  • Hobbies/interests: Soccer (Come on you Spurs!), chess, snowboarding, fishing, travel

  • Favorite movies/TV shows: The Office, Parks and Rec, New Girl, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Entourage, any movie with Leo DiCaprio in it

  • Favorite Foods/Restaurants: Suraya, Angelo’s Pizzeria, Tom’s Dim Sum (goat)

  • Five year plan: Idk man, maybe global med or EMS fellowship. Another dream of mine has been to take a job as a ski patrol doc.

  • If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? Food/travel blogger, rip Anthony Bourdain ;(

  • What superhero or cartoon character would you be? Pickle Rick

  • Random fact: Nobody has ever actually seen a narwhal.

Rachael Herrera, MD



  • Preferred Name: Rachael Herrera

  • Hometown: Los Angeles

  • Undergrad: Scripps College

  • Major: Art Conservation

  • Med School: George Washington School of Medicine

  • Hobbies/ interests: running, hiking, camping, being outside, attempting to grow herbs on my tiny balcony

  • Favorite movies/ TV shows: Great British Bake Off, anything lighthearted and funny

  • Favorite Foods/ Restaurants: hot pot, tacos, any and all desserts (I have a big sweet tooth!)

  • Five year plan: eat my way through Pilly 

  • If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? Performing with a traveling circus 

  • What superhero or cartoon character would you be?  Sleeping Beauty. She is a superhero, right?

  • Random fact: Elephants are big

Chloe Newlin, MD



  • Preferred name: Chloe

  • Hometown: Boca Raton, FL

  • Undergrad: University of Florida

  • Major: Health Science

  • Med School: Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, FIU

  • Hobbies/Interests: traveling, hiking, reading, cooking, NBA

  • Favorite Movies/TV Shows: I watch too much - goodfellas, almost famous, GOT, handmaid’s tale, entourage, dexter, new girl, schitt’s creek, ted lasso, any good cult documentary….

  • Favorite foods/restaurants: sushi, tacos, ice cream, any gluten free desserts or carbs 

  • Five year plan: enjoy the next three years as much as possible, live in the same city as my husband sooner rather than later, find a way to travel during residency, stay connected to social EM and policy/ idea beyond that

  • If you weren’t doing EM, what would you be doing: starting my own craft ice cream shop

  • what superhero or cartoon character would you be: anyone from X-men, they’re real superheroes

  • Random fact : I don’t have a middle name, just a letter

Tara Pilato, MD



• Preferred Name: Tara

• Hometown: Greenville (?Farmville), NC

• Undergrad: University of Notre Dame

• Major: Music Performance (viola)

• Med School: Weill Cornell Medicine

• Hobbies/ interests: traveling solo, writing, oil painting, improvising with non-classical music

• Favorite movies/ TV shows: Little Fires Everywhere, Breaking Bad, The Good Wife, Casa de Papel, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

• Favorite Foods/ Restaurants: I could eat pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Still need to explore, but so far Osteria (Italian) and The Daily (coffee shop) in Fairmount

• Five year plan: continue practicing viola, define my “social EM” niche, explore the Philly neighborhoods and food scene to better answer the above :)

• If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? if not medicine, I’d be a social worker or pursuing a career in human rights advocacy

• What superhero or cartoon character would you be? Gumby

• Random fact: Pampers commercials make me cry

Gavriel Rosenfeld-Barnhard, MD

  • Preferred Name: Gavi

  • Hometown: New York City

  • Undergrad: Princeton

  • Major: Near Eastern Studies

  • Med School: NYU

  • Hobbies/ interests: vegetarian cooking, camping, chess

  • Favorite movies/ TV shows: The Wire, New Girl, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion

  • Favorite Foods/ Restaurants: Thai, Mediterranean

  • Five year plan: get a dog, ensure that said dog becomes best friends with my son

  • If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? Something related to Middle East 

  • What superhero or cartoon character would you be? The buzzfeed quiz I took told me Micky Mouse

  • Random fact: I wore furry crocs for 3 years in college

Laura Sprunt, MD

  • Preferred name: Laura

  • Hometown: Lewisburg, PA

  • Undergrad: Case Western Reserve University

  • Major: Spanish, Biology

  • Med School: Keck School of Medicine of USC

  • Hobbies/interests: Playing/watching tennis, camping, baking, becoming a Phillies fan

  • Favorite movies/TV shows: Apollo 13, Remember the Titans, The Rookie, The West Wing, Ted Lasso

  • Favorite Foods/Restaurants: Greek, Thai, Mexican; canvassing all of Philly for best ice cream

  • Five year plan: Wherever EM takes me, get a dog, visit more national parks, finally win at pub trivia

  • If I wasn’t doing EM: US Navy pilot/Blue Angel

  • Superhero or cartoon character: the lucky cricket from Mulan

  • Random fact: I once got to fly in a stunt plane during an air show! 

Lorena Walker, MD

  • Preferred name: Lorena

  • Hometown: Ocala, FL

  • Undergrad: University of South Florida

  • Med school: Temple

  • Hobbies/interests: intramural softball and volleyball, quizzo, breweries, hiking, snorkeling, binge watching netflix shows, trying new restaurants

  • Favorite movies/tv shows: New Girl, Parks n Rec, Always Sunny, Love Island, Rupauls Drag Race, Survivor

  • Favorite foods/restaurants: Terakawa for ramen, anywhere with tacos and margs, sushi, tasting menu restaurants (Suraya, Sampan, Double Knot, etc.)

  • Five year plan: Possibly do a fellowship in Ultrasound or EMS, besides that I have no plan yet

  • If you weren't doing EM, what would you be doing? Marine biology!

  • What superhero or cartoon character would you be? Meg from Hercules

  • Random fact: I'm on 5 intramural softball teams 


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