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Journal Club Recap: Five Strategies to Effectively Use Online Resources in Emergency Medicine

The Article: “Five Strategies to Effectively Use Online Resources in Emergency Medicine”

Brent Thoma, Nikita Joshi, Seth Trueger, Teresa Chan, Michelle Lin

Ann Emerg Med 2014 1-4. The Idea: There are so many online resources and social media applications available that it is difficult for a busy Emergency Medicine doctor to know where to start.  However, the specialty is moving quickly towards online learning and idea-sharing, and sticking to only textbooks and journal articles is not an option.  What is the best way for an Emergency Medicine physician to get started using online resources?

The Study: This article lays out 5 simple recommendations to help the less-than-tech-savvy physician start using online resources and build a professional presence in the online world.

The Findings:

1. Use a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) reader to pull together online resources in one place so you do not have to go to different sites to access them.  Feedly is one of the most popular and easy to use RSS readers.

2. Use a podcast application to pull all of your podcasts together in one place and make it easy to download additional episodes.

3. Use compilations to find quality resources. Online resource experts put together lists of the best resources so that you do not have to go searching for them. Life in the Fast Lane Reviews is a good place to start.

4. Use social networks to connect with content producers and peers. Social media is a great way to get quick updates in an interactive format. Twitter is the most widely used social media platform in Emergency Medicine right now.

5. Use custom search engines to find resources when they are needed. FOAM-specific search engines like http://foamsearch.net help you quickly find high quality resources that are specifically relevant to Emergency Medicine. The Takeaway: There are a huge number of online resources available for Emergency Medicine physicians, and it is not hard to get started if you use some of the simple strategies described in this article.

For an excellent follow up on this article (and to start using some of your online resource skills), check out EMCrit’s February 2015 Podcast about the Online Hierarchy of Needs featuring lead author Brent Thoma.

Here are some of the top online resources recommended by Temple EM Residents:









Life in the Fast Lane (LITFL) and LITFL Reviews

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALIEM)

EM Lyceum








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