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Joe D’Orazio: Temple EM toxicologist and media darling, talks opioid epidemic

Joe D’Orazio, Temple EM’s beloved medical toxicologist and assistant professor of emergency medicine, has quickly become Philadelphia’s go-to resource on the opioid epidemic.

Here are some of his recent features in the local media:

Are discarded hypodermic needles a public health threat?

Opioid-related hospitalizations soar in Pennsylvania

Overdose just by touching fentanyl? Highly unlikely, experts say

Faculty join city task force to fight opioid crisis

Dr. D’Orazio has also started a toxicology consultation service and suboxone clinic at Temple. He is a valuable member of the Temple EM Residency team.

Joseph D’Orazio, pictured, winner of Temple EM Residency Junior Faculty Teaching Award 2017

Dr. D’Orazio was also featured in the recent article:

Drinking 101: What to do when your friend’s had too much

For more Joe D’Orazio, he can be found on Twitter @dorazepam.

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