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Congrats Dave Wald!

Dave Wald has accepted an expanded role in the Doctoring course.

As an Associate Course Director, Dave will be integral in planning the course schedule, enhancing integration with Basic Sciences, assessing and adopting new teaching methodologies, and setting the future direction of the course.

Dave will continue as Director of Clinical Correlation, an invaluable element of the Doctoring Course. Outside of Doctoring, Dave is critical to Temple’s Capstone Course and other clinical simulation training.

The Clinical Correlation sessions are the most popular part of the course, and will serve as a model for our departments expanded role in the medical school curriculum. The students consistently praise Dave and our EM faculty for their roles in Doctoring.

In his remaining free time, Dave serves as Emergency Medicine Clerkship Director and Director of Emergency Medicine Education. His wife and children would like to see him more.

Congratulating Dave!

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