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AAEM Resident Submissions

Congrats to all the accepted AAEM submissions this year! They are being presented this week at AAEM in Austin March 1st through March 4th.

  1. Allison Zanaboni- “A Complicated Case of Shortness of Breath” AAEM case presentation

  2. Ashley Panicker- “A Deeply Seeded Cough- A Case of Miliary Tuberculosis” AAEM case presentation

  3. Dave Edwards- “Fall From High” AAEM case presentation

  4. Ed Siegel- “DRESS: Drug Reaction with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms” AAEM case presentation

  5. Ian Symons-

  6. “An awkwardly firm handshake” AAEM case presentation

  7. ‘Air in the where’ – AAEM case presentation

  8. Jason Hine and Melanie Ruiz– “Altered Mental Status: What Are We Missing?” AAEM abstract

  9. Jason Hine- “A Toothache in FastTrack” AAEM Photo Submission

  10. Kraftin Schreyer-

  11. “The economics of an admissions holding unit: Enormous Return-on-investment” AAEM abstract

  12. “Chest pain: ESI II or ESI III?” AAEM abstract

  13. “What Radiologic Finding Best Predicts the Need for Urologic Intervention in Pyelonephritis?” AAEM abstract

  14. “Clinical Gestalt for Predicting Clinically Significant Radiologic Imaging Findings in Pyelonephritis” AAEM abstract

  15. “Getting into the Groove” AAEM photo submission

  16. Linus King- “Diagnosing Pyelonephritis: No Gold Standard” AAEM abstract

  17. Marta Rowh- “Impact of Insurance Status on Time to Presentation and Complications in

Acute Appendicitis” AAEM abstract

  1. Mike Kouch-

  2. “Failure to diagnose spinal epidural abscess/osteomyelitis in admitted patients” AAEM abstract

  3. “A bleb presenting with tension physiology” AAEM case presentation

  4. Vicky Parikh- “Uremic Frost” AAEM case presentation

  5. Victor Alcalde- “Detecting Ischemia in Small Bowel Obstruction” AAEM case presentation

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