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AAEM Faculty Presentations

Congrats to all our faculty giving presentations at the upcoming AAEM conference!

  1. Daniel Del Portal: “Blood Rush: Managing Hemorrhage in Patients on Newer Oral Anticoagulants”

  2. Kathleen Fane: “Troponins in the ED: Are we being too sensitive?”

  3. Manish Garg: “Soothing the Savage Consultant: An Approach to the Art of Negotiation”

  4. Manish Garg: “Our Body Language: Pearls and Pitfalls that Affect our Practice”

  5. Harry Goett: “Peritonsillar Abscess: Who needs ENT?”

  6. Megan Healy: “New Waves: Winters, Wellens and Inversions in EKGs”

  7. Erin Leiman: “Gastric Acid Suppression in the Management of Low-Risk, Non-Specific Upper GI Complaints in the ED”

  8. Joe Lex/Rick Martin: “Moving to Academia: Can I Make a Difference?”

  9. Joe Lex: “Getting FOAMed in the Community: How to Keep Current Using Twitter, Podcasts and Blogs”

  10. Joe Lex: “Twenty Really Dumb Things We Used to Do and Why We Stopped”

  11. Robert McNamara: “Provisions of the ACA Are Best Managed by CMGs – Counterpoint”

  12. Robin Naples: “True Confessions of an ED Doc: I Touch My Patients”

  13. Robin Naples: “Seven Things That Hospitalists Wish We Did Before Admitting the Patient”

  14. Jennifer Repanshek: “Hyperkalemia: Not Just for Dialysis Patients”

  15. Zachary Repanshek: “Who Really Needs Telemetry?”

  16. Zachary Repanshek: “Preaching to the Choir: Vaccines, Amen”

  17. Mari Siegel: “Why ED Docs Must Also Be Palliative Care Specialists”

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