Emergency ultrasound is a vital part of the Temple residency curriculum as well as an integral part of the day to day practice in our emergency department. All clinical faculty are credentialed in the use of ultrasound. Under the guidance of ultrasound director Dr. Thomas Costantino, the department participates in multiple areas of ultrasound related research. Our comprehensive curriculum is embedded into residency didactics throughout all three years and residents are able to build their skills as interns during a four week rotation where they have the benefit of one-on-one instruction as well as weekly QA sessions and an ultrasound-centric journal club. Temple residents leave training proficient in diagnostic, resuscitative, and procedural modalities as outlined by ACEP’s 2008 credentialing guidelines.

Emergency Ultrasound Core Applications

  • Trauma
  • Intrauterine Pregnancy
  • AAA
  • Cardiac
  • Biliary
  • Urinary Tract
  • DVT
  • Soft-tissue/musculoskeletal
  • Thoracic
  • Ocular
  • Procedural Guidance

Current Research Projects

  • Test characteristics of a combined limited trans-thoracic and abdominal approach in the detection of aortic dissection by emergency ultrasound
  • Test characteristics of emergency ultrasound in the detection of retrobulbar hematoma
  • Comparing ultrasound guided arthrocentesis to landmark guided for non-large joints
  • Comparing success with ultrasound vs palpation for abg/arterial line placement
  • Evaluating the diagnostic accuracy of ocular ultrasound compared to funduscopic exam performed by emergency physicians
  • Using ultrasound to evaluate for cause of non-specific abdominal pain (the PANUS study)
  • Ultrasound for the evalution of airway edema in angioedema

Getting ready for prime time

  • We are continuing to expand the use of ultrasound guided nerve blocks for a variety of applications within the department
  • The US Section is currently evaluating the use of TEE in codes.  (See, for example,
  • Six residents are currently in the process of generating publications for ultrasound related activities, ranging from observational studies to case series to prospective comparison studies.

Teaching opportunies for residents

  • Residents help run an elective and an interest group for medical students on bedside ultrasonography.
  • There are plenty of opportunities for teaching med students and off-service residents both formally and on shift–you will quickly become an ultrasound Jedi at Temple.



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