Alveena Dawood, MD

Home town:Wayne, NJ
College:Montclair State University
Med School:Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Hobbies/Interests:Reading, eating and trying new restaurants/foods, cooking and learning how to cook new things, traveling, shopping, attempting diy projects from Pinterest
Favorite movies or TV shows:Pursuit of Happyness, Titanic, 21 Jump Street, Lion King. I watch a lot of TV – Friends, OITNB, Suits, Law & Order: SVU, Mindy Project, HIMYM
Favorite Music:All the radio hits, hip-hop, rap, pop, rock, 90’s hits
Favorite Foods/Restaurant:I love to eat and literally love everything – Thai, Indian/Pakistani, Italian, American, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese. I don’t think I missed anything
Five year plan:To travel to a new country every year, become a wine connoisseur,
If you weren’t doing EM, what would you be doing?Maybe culinary school, traveling the world
What superhero or cartoon character would you be?Simba but if I could be a villain I’d definitely be the Joker
Random fact:I can make my eyes go in two different directions. Looks pretty weird

Alyssa Karl, MD

Home town:Springfield, NJ
College: Gettysburg College
Major:Health Sciences
Med School:Penn State College of Medicine
Hobbies/Interests:Trying new foods and restaurants, sports, Crossfit, driving in my car singing along to country music
Favorite movies or TV shows:Good Will Hunting, Friends re-runs, anything on HGTV or Food Network
Favorite Music:Alternative rock (especially 90s alternative), classic rock, and country music
Favorite Foods/Restaurant:Anything spicy
Five year plan:Learn lots of EM, maybe do a fellowship, try as many restaurants in Philadelphia as possible, do some traveling
If you weren’t doing EM, what would you be doing?Probably something in public health, teaching in a foreign country, or just being a beach bum
What superhero or cartoon character would you be?Spider-man…swinging from buildings seems like fun.
Random fact:My first dream job was to be a UPS truck driver.

Andrea Blome, MD

Home town:West Grove, PA
College: Boston University
Major:Human Physiology
Med School:Drexel University
Hobbies/Interests:Biking, basketball
Favorite movies or TV shows:Bob’s Burgers, Law and Order: SVU
Favorite Music:Classic rock
Favorite Foods/Restaurant:Cheeseburgers
Five year plan:To discover my five year plan
If you weren’t doing EM, what would you be doing?Police officer
What superhero or cartoon character would you be?Wonder Woman … that headband
Random fact:I snack on jalapenos. Daily.

Brian Cohagan, MD

Home town:York, PA
College:Penn State
Med School:Temple University
Hobbies/Interests:Soccer, Snowboarding, Golf, Movies
Favorite movies or TV shows:Wedding Crashers/ The Patriot, 30 Rock
Favorite Music:Indie or Rap depending on my mood
Favorite Foods/Restaurant:Crab Cakes/ Little Fish
Five year plan:President
If you weren’t doing EM, what would you be doing?Sports Radio
What superhero or cartoon character would you be?Doug Funny/ Quailman
Random fact:I have two pet reindeer back home

Cara Kanter, MD

Home town:Brookline, MA
College: WashU
Med School:NYU
Hobbies/Interests:Traveling, hiking, sailing, sleeping, Netflix
Favorite movies or TV shows:Game of Thrones #valarmorghulis
Favorite Music:Changes hourly. Really into Hozier and TSwift right now.
Favorite Foods/Restaurant:Sushi
Five year plan:Don’t have one
If you weren’t doing EM, what would you be doing?Sleeping
What superhero or cartoon character would you be?Judy Jetson
Random fact:I lived in New Zealand for 8 months and haven’t seen any Lord of the Rings movies

Evan Kingsley, MD

Home town:Warrington, PA
College: University of Pittsburgh
Major:Athletic Training
Med School:University of Pittsburgh
Hobbies/Interests:Eating, Camping, Backpacking, Hanging out with my wife and daughter
Favorite movies or TV shows:Usual Suspects, Breaking Bad, Silicon Valley, Venture Brothers
Favorite Music:Minus the Bear, alt-J, Constantines, Beastie Boys, Justice, Bad Religion to name a few.
Favorite Foods/Restaurant:Sushi, pizza, ramen, tacos and beer. Beer is a food, right?
Five year plan:Survive, learn stuff and have some fun along the way
If you weren’t doing EM, what would you be doing?I pitched stay at home dad, MD. My wife wouldn’t go for it.
What superhero or cartoon character would you be?Obviously Batman.
Random fact:I’ve been the same height since the 8th grade.

James Squadrito, MD

Home town:Devon, PA
College: University of Notre Dame
Med School:Temple University School of Medicine
Hobbies/Interests:Being in the water any way possible, Sailing, Sketching, Cooking, Netflix, reading painstakingly detailed history books, and most often found belligerently yelling at consistently disappointing Philadelphia sports teams.
Favorite movies or TV shows:Die Hard. Any movie with Bruce Willis or Kurt Russell. Simpsons, Arrested Development, Game of Thrones, Frasier, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, The League, Silicon Valley, Boardwalk Empire..
Favorite Music:Anything and everything. Except Country.
Favorite Foods/Restaurant:Philadelphia Soft Pretzels. Italian that tastes like my grandmother made it. Bluecrabs with garlic and old bay for days, BBQ food with a large cold beer and all the comfort food. .
Five year plan:I plan on owning a totally impractical car, while warding off ownership of a minivan.
If you weren’t doing EM, what would you be doing?Teaching sailing in the caribbean in between gigs as Patrick Wilson’s body double.
What superhero or cartoon character would you be?Roger Rabbit. Because of Jessica Rabbit, obviously.
Random fact:I was once edited out of a Bon Jovi music video.

Jenna Otter, MD

Home town:Escondido, CA
College: UC Irvine
Major:double majored in Dance Performance and Biology
Med School:Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons
Hobbies/Interests:dance (modern, contemporary, Israeli improvisational dance), hiking, carnivorous plants, knitting/crocheting, adventuring, drawing, trying to make my home look like a cooky biology professor lives there
Favorite movies or TV shows:Broad City
Favorite Music:look at my hobbies and i bet you can guess
Favorite Foods/Restaurant:Monks! plus Ethiopian and izakayas yum
Five year plan:become the best ED doc i can be while retaining my compassion for people. become a yoga teacher. get a dog!!
If you weren’t doing EM, what would you be doing?performing dance and choreographing while scrimping by working menial jobs and teaching yoga
What superhero or cartoon character would you be?Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time
Random fact:I have a proneness for being attacked by animals while on vacation…

Jonathan Talmud, MD

Home town:Plainview, New York
College: Johns Hopkins University
Med School:SUNY Downstate
Hobbies/Interests:Writing fiction, exploring new places and trying new things
Favorite movies or TV shows:Firefly, Doctor Who, any and all awful cartoon movies
Favorite Music:Anything strummed around a campfire with friends singing terribly off-key in the background.
Favorite Foods/Restaurant:Yes.
Five year plan:1) Learn all the things 2) ???? 3) Profit
If you weren’t doing EM, what would you be doing?The same thing we do every night, Pinky.
What superhero or cartoon character would you be?Groot. Or just Vin Diesel.
Random fact:My nephew is the greatest thing on this entire planet.

Katie Daves, MD

Home town:Knoxville, TN
College:Davidson College
Major:Math major
Med School:University of Pennsylvania Medical School
Hobbies/Interests:Traveling, camping/outdoors, triathlons, trying new Philly restaurants, binge watching TV shows on Netflix
Favorite movies or TV shows:Doctor Who, Last Week Tonight, LOST, Harry Potter
Favorite Foods/Restaurant:I like everything, but Honest Tom’s Taco Shop is my go to!
Five year plan:Possibly an International EM fellowship?
If you weren’t doing EM, what would you be doing?Anything that would allow me to travel all over the world
What superhero or cartoon character would you be?Probably Ironman (because I’m an Ironman!)
Random fact:I have the most adorable dog in the world and her name is Ali

Megan Algeo, MD

Home town:Perkasie, PA
College: Brown University
Med School:Temple University School of Medicine.
Hobbies/Interests:Hiking with my dog, spending time with family, reading, and traveling.
Favorite movies or TV shows:Cheesy Discovery Channel reality TV shows.
Favorite Music:For driving, top 40s pop. For partying, 80’s rock. For appreciating, live jazz.
Favorite Foods/Restaurant:Honey’s Sit N’ Eat, Lil Pop Shop, and the food court at H Mart.
Five year plan:Work on becoming the best Emergency Physician I can be, and continue to improve my Alanis Morrisette karaoke skills.
If you weren’t doing EM, what would you be doing?I thought I wanted to go to culinary school for awhile. The closest I got was eating the free food on the school tour, though.
What superhero or cartoon character would you be?Terry Gross (she’s my superhero at least).
Random fact:Dogs don’t have clavicles.

Nick Tyner, MD

Home town:Juneau, AK
College: University of Alaska
Med School:The Drexel University College of Medicine
Hobbies/Interests:Reading, Exploring the Pennsylvania countryside with my fuzzy buddy Airedale Terrier “Gus”, civil war reenactments
Favorite movies or TV shows:Not Birdman, Try keeping your eyes dry watching Terms of Endearment, The Shield.
Favorite Music:Guerilla vs Bear Blog Radio and Bob Dylan
Favorite Foods/Restaurant:Brown Bear, can’t beat a Sunday brunch at La Croix
Five year plan:Being way smarter than I am today.
If you weren’t doing EM, what would you be doing?Coffee shop owner, or National Parks Service tour guide, or deckhand on my dad’s salmon fishing boat
What superhero or cartoon character would you be?Clearly I’d be Master Chief of Halo fame
Random fact:I set the American record for # of solo skydives at 91 while on student exchange as a high school senior…Never mind it took me a fifth year of high school upon returning to Alaska for not being as devoted to my Brazilian studies as I probably should have been.