April 2017

An article in HuffPost about Temple trauma

Temple attending named to Mayor’s Task Force to combat opioid epidemic


December 2016

Check out our latest article from the front page of the NY Times


October 2016

NPR covers one of Temple’s ongoing trauma studies.

September 2016

The essay, How to Tell a Mother Her Child is Dead,  by Temple ER doctor Naomi Rosenberg appeared on Sunday, Sept. 4 2016, in the Review and Opinion section of New York Times:

The piece went viral, and for much of Sunday was the #1 “Most Viewed” on the entire NYT website.  People around the country were profoundly moved, and she has heard from hundreds of readers, many of them doctors. It has been an amazing experience from start to finish for Dr. Rosenberg, who did her residency in Temple’s ED and is now a new attending.

August 2016

On August 30th, 2016 NPR aired a story on “All Things Considered” focusing on Temple’s Fighting Chance Program.
Temple’s Fighting Chance program was also covered locally.  Check out the video here


An article that looks at the AMTRAK crash from last year in which most of the victims were treated at Temple.

Check out this video covering Temple’s ED in 1992 on The Brokaw Report


Check out publications from our attending physicians within their profiles on the following page: