Shannon-QIQuality Improvement

All ED residents are encouraged to design a quality improvement project.  This is done during the 3rd year administrative rotation, though interested  junior residents often begin earlier.  These studies can be clinical, throughput, cost-to-treat, patient experience, or role of emergency medicine in the healthcare system.  This past year, eight resident projects were presented at AAEM and four at SAEM.  Temple residents have recently been awarded two first-place prizes at MidAtlantic SAEM, two first places at AAEM,  as well as a 3rd place at AAEM and first and second place prizes at the Temple Hospital PI contest last year.  These projects provide the resident with special areas of clinical and administrative expertise that will help in job search and post-training careers.  Performance improvement is not legitimate unless it actually results in some sort of improvement, and most residents justifiably feel that they have left their mark in making things better.  Not to mention that most residents actually find PI to be usually interesting, sometimes exciting, often fun.


Temple provides numerous opportunities for administrative learning as a resident. We have numerous senior faculty in administrative positions in the hospital. Temple also employs a medical staff committee system that values resident input and seeks out their input and involvement. As evidenced below, our emergency medicine residents are well represented on these staff committees:

House Staff Quality Committee– Alyssa Karl

Ethics Committee– Jonathan Talmud

Medical Records Committee– Jessi Jackson & Marc Leshner

RRT/CPR Committee– Deena Wasserman

Peer Review Committee– Meg Algeo, Cara Kanter & Jenna Otter